5 things you never knew about cable ties

5 things you never knew about cable ties

We’ve gone back through some of our previous blog articles to round up some of the strangest, and most interesting, facts about cable ties.

Are cable ties the same as zip ties?

In the UK, a cable tie is a cable tie but elsewhere in the world it might be known as any of the following: a mouse belt, a rat belt, a zip tie, a tie wrap, a hose clip, or a pipe clip. However, when the inventor of the cable tie, Maurus C. Logan submitted his original patent in 1958, it was for a “long-lasting, easy-to-use Ty-Rap cable tie”.

How many cable ties are sold each year?

While it is hard to say how many cable ties are sold each year, we can put a figure on how many are manufactured. In 2018, estimates placed the number close to 100 billion every year, with the original manufacturer, Thomas and Betts, producing its 28 billionth tie in its 60th anniversary year. Today, there are more than 45 cable tie manufacturers globally.

Are there cable ties on Mars?

The short answer is ‘yes’!  When NASA’s Perseverance Rover, part of its Mars Exploration Programme, touched down on the planet’s surface in 2021, its onboard equipment was securely held in place with nylon cable ties. But don’t just take our word for it – have a look for yourself here.

What are cable ties used for?

Apart from cable organisation, there are endless other applications for nylon cable ties and stainless steel cable ties, not to mention the specialist types which include printed clinical waste bag cable ties and printed high vibration warning cable tie. BUT, did you know that a type of cable tie is used in human surgery? Yes, you read that right! A biomedical engineering design student developed a sternal closure system based on the cable tie, which is used by cardiothoracic surgeons to rejoin the sternum after chest surgery. If this intrigues you as much as it did us, you can read all about it here .

What can you make with cable ties?

There are some very talented people in the world and many of them use the humble nylon cable tie in their creations. We have showcased lots of amazing projects that have used cable ties, from simple bubble mixture wands to lampshades, but by far the most extravagant creations are those by mixed media artist Andi Regan and contemporary sculptor Sui Park both of whom have created the most incredible pieces of work (including wearable items of clothing). Our article Getting creative with cable ties – how artists have transformed cable ties into art showcases their work.

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