5 of the best heat resistant cable ties

5 of the best heat resistant cable ties

The definition of heat resistant is “the ability of a material, product, or assembly to withstand fire or give protection from it for a period of time.”

What is a heat resistant cable tie?

A heat resistant cable tie will withstand heat but will eventually breakdown after protracted exposure. So how can you be sure that the cable ties you choose will meet your needs?

There are two factors that also need to be taken into consideration when thinking about the heat resistance of a cable tie. The first is whether the cable tie has a UL94 flammability rating. This is a flammability standard which classifies plastics according to their burn rate; there are 6 classifications from the lowest flame retardant to the most. The second is the smoke density score achieved by a product which has undergone a smoke density test, a test that measures the amount of smoke given off by a burning or smouldering material. The item is usually tested as it begins to smoulder and again once a flame source has been introduced. Scores are ranked from 0 (no smoke generated) and 800.  

At Cableties-online, our heat resistant cable ties are designed for environments where there may be exposure to heat and fire. When something like a cable tie is made from nylon, it means it is made from a group of plastics referred to as polyamides or polymers. Therefore, in order to understand the heat resistance of our cable ties, we need to look at their make-up and how they have been treated.   

Nylon 6/6 cable ties

The most commonly used cable tie, our nylon 6/6 range is suitable for use within a temperature range of  ¯40°C to 85°C (185°F). This best-selling general purpose tie has a UL94 V2 flammability rating and a smoke density score of 35 (flaming) and 13 (non-flaming). Manufactured from engineering thermoplastic, our nylon 6/6 ties are a versatile option for a multitude of purposes.

Heat stabilised cable ties

Heat stabilised cable ties  should be suitable for use in temperatures in excess of 65°C (150° F). At cableties-online, our heat stabilised cable ties are intended for use in extended or continuous exposure to temperatures up to 120 degrees Celcius (250°F) and are certified for such use. The nylon 6/6 construction has a UL94 V2 flammability rating and a smoke density score of 35 (flaming) and 13 (non-flaming).

UV stabilised cable ties

For outdoor applications, you need cable ties that can stand up to the weather and a range of temperatures. Our UV stabilise cable ties share the same specification profile of our heat stabilised cable ties, with a low-end operating temperature of ¯40°C.

Stainless steel cable ties

Our high tensile, stainless steel cable ties are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. The high melting point of stainless steel renders these ties heat, flame and fire resistant. The 4.4mm width cable tie has a minimum loop tensile strength of 89 kgs, while the tensile strength of the wider tie (7.9mm) is 160 kgs. With a working temperature range of ¯80°C to +538°C, stainless steel cable ties are the perfect solution for any environments with extreme heat and temperatures including the aircraft, mining and oil industries.

Coated stainless steel cable ties

These strong and durable cable ties benefit from the fire resistance of a higher melting point and have a working temperature of ¯80°C to +538°C. The plastic coating offers an additional layer of strength which will protect against scratches and surface damage. This is a particularly beneficial feature wherever a cable tie could come into contact with galvanized steel, creating a reaction.

Before you start your next project, consider the conditions your cable ties will be subjected to and choose the tie that will serve you best. Our friendly staff are always happy to advise so give us a call today on 01623 706241