14 cable tie hacks you’ll wish you’d known sooner

Every home should have a supply of cable ties to hand. Small and versatile, these handy straps can help in so many ways around the home. Here, we show you some of our favourites.

Cable ties for bad weather traction

Add to bicycle tyres for traction in the snow and ice. Simply secure the cable ties at equal distances around the tyre with the heads on the outer edge.

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Cable tie phone rest

If you need to refer to a recipe or plans stored on your phone, or watch a ‘how to’ video on it, it can be difficult trying to prop your phone up. A cable tie fastened around each end of the phone, with the heads facing down towards the edge will allow you to watch something without having to hold your phone. 

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Using cable ties for a makeshift mug repair

You’re in the workshop, you reach for something on the bench and crash, your mug comes tumbling down. Fear not! Improvise with tube offcuts and cable ties until you can find a new ‘on its way out’ mug from the kitchen.

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Cable ties are not just for tying cables together

Sometimes your wires need more than being bundled together. To keep them neat and tidy AND organised, follow these simple steps!

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Cable ties as strimmer cord

Have you ever been in the middle of tidying the edges of your lawn when your strimmer cord gives up on you? Cable ties offer a great solution but if your first choice of ties break too, consider using thicker ones. As with all electrical equipment, care should be taken and safety measures followed. For a great step-by-step guide read instructions here.

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Moisture absorbing pack

Tool boxes kept in vans, garages or sheds, or anywhere that is not climate controlled, can be prone to damp. To keep the tools inside as rust free as possible, simply take a piece of fabric (an old tee-shirt is perfect), fill with a silica formula cat litter and secure with a cable tie. Pop into your tool box!

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Use a cable tie to stop your zip from sliding open

Most of us have experienced this, especially after Christmas, when the mince pies and Christmas pud have taken their toll. Thread a cable tie through the zip pull, trim away the excess and loop round the button. You can still fasten the button up and your zip will stay put.

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Rust free shower curtain rings

Say goodbye to rusty shower curtain rings forever by replacing them with cable ties. These can be replaced cheaply as often as you need to and can even be colour co-ordinated with your shower curtain.

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Chopping board rack 

Use the dead space inside your cupboard doors to store chopping boards or saucepan lids. Attach a wire organiser to the inside of the door and secure the bottom with cable ties to prevent boards and lids from slipping through the gaps.

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Make the most of a towel rail

Most domestic towel rails will hold one or two towels at most but can be transformed to offer so much more storage with a couple of baskets and some cable ties.

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Decorative bauble hangers

Do you ever get frustrated when decorating your Christmas tree and the bauble has no hanging wire or string? The metal hooks are great but often get left behind on the tree as it’s packed away for another year.

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Trampoline safety

Keep little legs safe on a trampoline with this great hack, using swimming pool ‘noodle’ floats and cable ties. Cut the noodle open and wrap around the springs on the edge of the trampoline. Secure with cable ties.

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Over-wintering your hose pipe

If you drain garden hoses well before winding them up and securing them with a cable tie, before storing them away for the winter, they will be in tip top condition and ready to go the following spring.

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Basket repair

Is the basket of your bicycle damaged? Has the cutlery basket in your dishwasher seen better day? Cable ties offer the perfect temporary solution. Secure as many ties in the affected area as required and you’ll be good to go.

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